Computer Engineering : Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The main idea of signing of MOUs is to promote following objectives:
-Encourage and develop Institute and exchanges in the field of education on the basis of equality.
-Centre for Excellence.
-To establish relation between Institute and Industry, exchanges and dialogue centered on educational management, methods, evaluation and research.
-To encourage mutually beneficial educational activities involving Student, scholars, faculty members, teachers, educational administrators, and other specialists to lecture, teach, conduct research, and develop cooperative programs.


TechSaksham Program (TSP) is a supplementary initiative that employs experiential learning to cultivate employability skills among underserved students pursuing higher education in sciences, computer applications, vocational areas, and engineering. The program accomplishes this by imparting critical skills necessary for securing market jobs. The program follows a two-tiered delivery model. TechSaksham program and LGNSCOE join MOU to engagement concentrates on learning and acquiring skills to comprehend the application of technology by students. Subsequently, an activity-led modular arrangement is provided to facilitate the practice and implementation of skills under the mentorship of industry experts, ensuring the students’ job readiness. These activities encompass technology bootcamps, interactions with industry experts for knowledge sharing and career guidance, as well as opportunities for collaboration with peers on hands-on projects, and more. The technology domains covered include Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. The program is delivered in a blended mode, combining on-site instructor-led training with online learning, hands-on sessions, and mentoring. Students who successfully complete the program will receive course completion certificates along with placement/internship assistance.

Passenger Drone Research Pvt. Ltd.

PDRL is a Software Company offering AeroMegh as a SaaS platform for Transforming Drone Data into Actionable Insights AeroMegh is designed to deliver an End-to-End stack for Flying and Capturing, Processing and Analyzing. AeroMegh allows to carry challenging tasks by saving important aspect of life, Time and Money by resulting in Creating More Time to Live, in related field, LGNSCOE and PDRL joined MOU.

Oracle Workforce Development Program (“WDP”)

Late G.N Sapkal College of Engineering joins Oracle University under the Oracle Workforce Development Program (WDP). Oracle University aims to provide education and global certification programs that give students relevant job skills in an increasingly competitive global work environment. The programme is essentially to help students successfully clear the examination leading to Oracle certifications like OCA, OCP and OJCP. The certification will be helpful to students to upgrade their knowledge and meet the requirements of the software industry. The Workforce Development Programme covers full time training programme on modules such as, “Java, Database management system, Web development and Database administration”. Further, they provide technical support for lab sessions.

Red Hat Academy Program (Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.)

Red hat is the worlds leading provider of open source solution, using community-poweredapproach to provide reliable and high performing cloud, virtualization, storage, linux andmidleware technologies. Red hat offer several variants certification program of red hatunder multiple domains like Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) is an associate level training for aspirants who are seeking a breakthrough in server management. It is a startup designedto handle RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is a Linux server administration training programwhich validates the ability to have well developed and demonstrated knowledge, skills andability required for a senior system administrator responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linuxsystems. Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) is performance basedcertification program to develop the ability to create, maintain and manage thevirtualization infrastructure based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Arete Technology

Arete Technology is engaged in developing software product design and development and consultancy in related field, LGNSCOE and ARETE Technology Joined MOU recognizing the important of education, Research and development area after mutual decision as well as imparting training and software development guideline to the computer engineering students. Arete Technology would accommodate Student who have completed last semester of their program in a such number that Arete Technology deems convenient to it for the purpose of imparting training

Sumego Infotech

Sumago Infotech aspire to be the global sourcing choice of the world market and revolutionizes the way service processes function. To reach out to the common people across the globe and making Information Technology a tool for the “MASS” along with the tool for the “CLASS”. Sumago Infotech and LGNSCOE joined MOU for creating innovative IT solutions and provide IT-enabled services to delight customers worldwide and build Relationships based on Trust, Values and Professionalism. Sumago Infotech has industry-specific software expertise in Technology, Financial, Healthcare, Media, Manufacturing, and many other sectors. The company specializes in offering Web Designing, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Software Testing, Quality Assurance services, and many more.

Rapidiously whiteboard enabled functionalities

It is the top industry experts to create high impact programs on personal & professional growth for learners in related field, LGNSCOE and Heuristic Techopark joined MOU . They have clear vision of imparting quality education & training among students. Transformative learning is about the right content, from the best providers, in formats that work best for every learner.

Heuristic Technopark

Efficiently enhance dynamic e-tailers via economically sound users. Completely empower backend results through tactical web .Appropriately reintermediate exceptional e-tailers vis-a-vis exceptional vortals. Continually implement.

Cyber Sanskar

This firm is ISO Certified, MSME Registered firm which basically handles AI &ML Base Secure Application Development projects in related field, LGNSCOE and Cyber Sanskar joined MOU providing students with a unique opportunity to dive deep into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cyber Sanskar ensures that your education is not just fulfilling but also aligns seamlessly with established industry standards. Cyber Sanskar's aim is to educate individuals, raise awareness, & develop world-class cyber security experts !

Cognifront Academy

Cognifront delivers industrial technology solutions to customers that include BOSCH, CEAT, and Auto DESK. Cognifront also develops excellent eTeaching Tools used by IIT Madras, IIT Guwahati, Don Bosco University, University of Oslo in Norway, IIT Bombay, IIT Patna, University of Nairobi in Kenya, NIT Surat and such 100+ institutions in India and abroad in related field, LGNSCOE and Cognifront joined MOU. Cognifront's innovative low cost IoT kit is used by 20+ institutions. Cognifront also offers certificate courses in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT that are highly recognized in industry and have placed more than 150 students in academic year 2019-2022 at top companies that include Infosys, Cognizant, Zensar, Deloitte and TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

TechnoKraft Training & Solutions

TechnoKraft Training & Solution Pvt. Ltd. is proudly ‘krafting’ tech-skills of IT aspirants and students longing to build a career in the IT world. Based in the city of Nashik for the last 5 years, their core values are excellence, pursuing growth and quality learning, and delivering WOW with our excellent services in related field, LGNSCOE and Technocraft joined MOU recognizing the important of education, Research and development area after mutual decision as well as imparting training and software development guideline to the computer engineering students. The best part of Technokraft is that they take education far beyond just textbooks and labs. They have a dedicated and expert team of teachers who work hard day and night to give the most effective workshops and seminars all over Maharashtra.


Sachitech is a multidisciplinary educational institution and service provider that believes in empowering youth with new skills and new opportunities in related field, LGNSCOE and Sachitech join MOU. They are a full-time benefits supplier for administrations like web development, web design, digital marketing services, and many more. We accommodate courses like C, C++, Python, Java, HTML, MySQL, Data structure, and algorithms, UX/ UI designing with 9+ such courses. It’s a multifunctional work-hubs where you can work on exciting projects. It is a global think tank dedicated to providing better service, analysis, and expertise designed to solve technical challenges.

Benefits of MOU

- Memorandum of understanding between the instituteand industries to facilitate training to students and Faculty.
- Develop knowledge and skills to adapt industrial environment.
- Industrial visits by the students.
- Facilitating research and development, consultancy and testing services to solve industrial problems.
- Campus drive and employment.
- Organizing workshops with joint participation of faculty and industrial experts.
- Scholarships instituted by industries for students.
- Several sponsored research have developed many applications in improved software, electronic gadgets, communication technology etc.
- R&D laboratory and funds generated. Acquiring patent right and IPR on commercialization of the product or technology developed by the faculty.
- Industry earns good reputation. It gets current line of research for the improvement of product design, Faculty solves the design and technical problems.