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Redhat Acedamic Partner

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Late G. N. Sapkal College of Engineering is Affiliated and Authorized as Redhat Academy partner by Redhat India Pvt Ltd. Redhat Inc (GLS) Global Learning Services will now sanction Educational institutions REDHAT ACADEMY PARTNER WITH ZERO INVESTMENT (FREE OF COST) for our college.They will be providing Global Certification Training for our students.

Values of Redhat academy
→ Quality curriculum for teaching open source technologies.
→ State of the Art content.
→ Industry leading,role-based curriculum.
→ Industry sponsored curriculum and professional certification.

Program Overview
Red Hat® Academy is an open source education program that provides turnkey curriculum materials for educational programs in institutions of higher education worldwide. Red Hat Academy outfits institutions that have the required technology and support environments with hands-on curriculum, labs, performance-based testing, and educator training and support all the elements necessary to start and sustain a Linux curriculum program

Benefits of Red Hat Academy partnership:
→ Red Hat Academy course textbooks are web-based, mobile-friendly, and accessible any place there is an internet connection.
→ Integrated tests and quizzes validate understanding of topics in each level of instruction.
→ The classroom lab system provides a hands-on environment for learning and performing skills, as well as a self-checking function for immediate feedback.
→ The web portal includes course management and tracking of performance and graded activities.
→ Students can register for Red Hat’s commercial courses and certification exams at discounted prices.
→ Students in eligible programs receive vouchers to take the Red Hat certification exam of the associated course.
→ Curriculum and technical support for instructors is provided by email.
→ On certification, the student is enrolled in the Red Hat Certification Forum, connecting them to other Red Hat Certified Professionals and employers seeking certified professionals.
→ The participants will have access to courses covering Red Hat Enterprise Linux administration, Red Hat Jboss Middleware administration and development, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform administration.
→ Curriculum and certification
→ Red Hat curriculum are designed for instructor-facilitated classes in a lab setting, and instructors can choose course format, frequency, and testing options. The curriculum is fully web-hosted, delivered, and managed by Red Hat.

Redhat Academy Course summary:
→ Red Hat System Administration 1(RH124)
→ Red Hat System Administration 2(RH134)
→ Red Hat System Administration 3(RH254)
→ Red Hat OpenStack Administration (CL210)
→ Red Hat JBoss Application Administration 1(JB248)
→ Red Hat JBoss Application Administration 1(JB248)