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Engineering Students are trained in the following areas:

→ Aptitude Training: Aptitude training aims to improve skills such as logical reasoning, data interpretation, quantitative aptitude, and verbal ability. These skills are often tested during the recruitment process, and regular training can help students perform better. Aptitude trainings are provided from 2nd semester onwards to all students.
→ Communication Skills: Training sessions are organized to improve public speaking, presentation skills, writing technical reports, and more skills of students.
→ Teamwork and Leadership: Training that fosters teamwork, conflict resolution, and leadership are organized for students.
→ Interview Skills: Conducting mock interviews and providing training on how to effectively answer interview questions, body language, etc., are organized to help students to succeed in job interviews.
→ Resume Writing: Training sessions are organized for students to prepare their compelling resumes and cover letters.
→ Professional Etiquette: Training on professional behavior, ethics, email etiquette, networking, etc., are organized to help students to navigate the professional world with confidence.
→ Software Proficiency: Depending on the engineering discipline, training in specific software tools like AutoCAD, MATLAB, SolidWorks, or programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++ etc. are organized for students.
→ Industry-Specific Knowledge: Offering training sessions on the latest trends, technologies, and practices in various engineering fields to keep students up-to-date and ready for industry needs.

Institute is Accredited by NAAC


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