Applied Science and Humanities : Vision & Mision


→ Training and Placement Cell at SKH strive to be interface between industries and academia. Identify training needs for student’s formation, providing the right service as desired and aims to Society benefits through Industry and students in terms of taking up roles and responsibilities and contributing to the growth of the organization and nation ultimately.


→ To maintain nexus between the industry and academia by forming associations, Starting Joint projects, Signing MOU for placement and trainings.
→ To provide comprehensive career services including training, career counseling, and placement opportunities to our engineering students, helping them to navigate the transition from academic life to professional careers.
→ To empower students with the necessary technical, entrepreneurial and soft skills that will enable them to excel in their chosen careers.


→ Training Programs: Organizing regular training programs, workshops, seminars, and guest lectures to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for their professional life.
→ Enhancing Employability: The primary objective is to enhance the employability of students by offering them comprehensive training to develop technical and soft skills.
→ Placement Opportunities: The T&P Department aims to provide maximum placement opportunities for students by inviting a diverse range of companies for campus recruitment.
→ Industry Linkages: Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with various industries and potential employers is a key objective.
→ Career Guidance: Providing appropriate career guidance to students based on their interests, skills, and market trends is another important objective.
→ Internship Opportunities: Securing internship opportunities for students is essential as it provides them with practical exposure and industry experience, making them more attractive to potential employers.
→ Alumni Engagement: Engaging with alumni to facilitate job referrals, mentorship opportunities, and sharing of industry trends and job preparation strategies.
→ Collaboration: Collaborating with Industry, Training providers, TPO’s of nearby institutes and other departments within the institute to ensure a holistic development approach and understanding the specific requirements of various engineering disciplines.
→ Assist recruiters to achieve their hiring goals
→ Conduct of mock Interviews to facilitate skill sets in students.
→ Conduct an Annual Event – Job fair, HR Conclave

Institute is Accredited by NAAC


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